The Mind and the Matter

by Forget the Hate

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released November 11, 2014



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Forget the Hate Oklahoma

Forget the Hate is a melodic hardcore band based out of Oklahoma City, OK.

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Track Name: Hateless
There is a man moving through his life
right before my eyes.
I would have never guessed he planned to end it all tonight.
If I knew, I would have stood up for a different choice.
But sometimes you don’t know when to use your voice or what power you hold.
What strength you could give.
It’s not hard to show a display of love.
An acknowledgment of their existence may be all they need.
Love more, hate less.
You never know who you’re helping.
Love more, hate less.
You never know who you’re hurting.
Track Name: Approval
I’ll stop you there and say what should be said.
If I am happy with who I am
but lack your approval, so be it.
I can’t live to please everyone.
When you’re lost in your own run,
you can’t please everyone.
I’ll live content with what I have in me.
I don’t need anything
but me.
Now that I’ve stopped you there and said what should be said,
do you see what I mean?
At the end of the day,
all I have is me.
What you say won’t hurt,
because it comes from the mouth of a pile of dirt.
I don’t need a gimmick, not your consent,
not your worthless approval,
not a safety net, not a harness,
not your mislead guidance.
Not a gimmick, not your consent,
and not your worthless approval.
Track Name: Black Sheep (Ft. Gabe Carr of Cottonmouth)
Before I can ask you to make a change,
you must recognize that there’s a problem.
I think it lies in ignorance, self importance,
and a lack of empathy.
But I am only one lens.
I have only seen life through my own eyes,
so it’s up to you to pick your own fight.
Find a source of rage in the pit of discomfort.
Stand up to your fears and push with all your might.
Fight for those who are too afraid to.
Fight for those who don’t have the privilege.
And fight for you.
We are the ones with open eyes, we are the only hope.
We are unlike anyone, and this is all we know.
We are the ones with hope in sight.
This is why we’re alive. We are unlike anyone.
You may be despised for standing out against the crowd.
Let that push you further.
Because the ones who put you down need you the most.
So stand with me and sing:
“I’ll be a black sheep till they sheer and slaughter me.”
I’ll be a black sheep till they sheer and slaughter me.
I’ll be a black sheep no matter what they say.
I’ll be a black sheep.
Track Name: The X
I chose to set myself free from the weight that binds so many around me.
I’m living my life free and clean, but I’m still carrying weight.
But with a clear mind, I can focus on what matters.
Not the problems I’ve created for myself.
No, I’m not “nailed to an X.”
But I am nailed to my convictions.
Why would I make life harder than it already is.
Why would I bow to a bottle, a pill or a stick
when I’m already face to face with so much.
Track Name: The Difference
Knowing that things could be worse doesn’t make them easier.
Knowing that things could get better makes the difference.
I understand right where you are
because I was there, and I’m probably going back.
Life is a cycle and you can’t always keep your head up,
but I encourage you to try.
Just keep in mind that
knowing things could be worse doesn’t make it easier.
It’s knowing that things could get better that makes the difference.
Track Name: Mind and Matter
How can I put what’s stuck in my head into the world to make a difference?
You can have all the ideas just right,
but what counts is bringing them to fruition.
So what do I do when the mind won’t meet the matter.
I’ve been trying to get up and go
be the change I need to see in the world.
But what am I if I just sit still,
and what am I if my legs don’t move,
and who am I if I leave it up to everyone else
to be the changes that we need?
This is the struggle between the mind and the matter,
and I struggle to bring to life what I know is right.
The hardest part of living your life
is connecting the mind and matter.
Track Name: Heart of Forgiveness
I think you know how life goes,
how everyone turns their back when you need them the most,
and you can’t stand to be alone but you have no choice.
Yet wasn’t it you who turned your back on your brother?
Yeah, you walked away over a meaningless difference.
So tell me, was it hard to leave everything you knew and loved in the past?
Because you made it look easy.
Yeah, you made it look way too easy.
I’ll admit that I messed up more than once.
So what can I do to regain your trust?
I know I’m undeserving, but you’re better than that.
Better than letting anyone go unforgiven.
This is your chance to prove you have the heart in your that I know you do.
This is your chance to prove you’re so much better than me. I think you know how life goes.
How we dig ourselves into the holes.
And everyone turns away when we’re screaming for help.
Well, now I’m screaming for you.
Do you remember me?
Please. I dug myself so deep. I can’t reach.
At least from here I have somewhere to go.
At least from here I have nothing to lose.
At least from here I have somewhere to go.
At least from here I have nothing to lose.
At least your heart knows forgiveness.
Track Name: All the Same
You love your book because it fuels your hate
the problem you create
and force on everyone else.
I’m sick of this,
I don’t care what you day,
cause at the end of the day, it’s all the same.
I can’t take this anyone.
We can’t take this anymore.
I hate the gods we create.
Track Name: Coexist
Putting the ground back underneath my feet. Pushing the ledge out from in front of me. I’m trying to see the beauty in everything, but it’s hard when the world doesn’t want you to see. I want to know, does anyone else know what it’s like to be alone in your beliefs about what life and what life means? Even if we can’t compromise in what we think is right, I hope we can find a way to coexist. Even if we can’t compromise in what we think is right, I hope we can agree on what peace means to one another. Because it’s hurting me that we can’t set our differences aside. And I’m trying to see life through a positive life, and quit thinking of the end.
Track Name: Face the World (Ft. Zakk Patel of Atlas)
Where would I be if not for my brothers
carrying my dead weight when I gave up?
I gave up.
You did this for me,
and I’ll do the same for you.
Together there’s nothing we can’t get through.
So I’ll hold my head high
and help you hold yours.
We won’t have to be alone anymore.
Relying on a little bit of help does not make you weak.
No matter how tough you think you are,
you can’t handle this world alone.