Forget the Hate

by Forget the Hate

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released July 20, 2013

Written, Recorded, Mixed by Colton Jean
Mastered by Ryan Harvey
Cover Photos provided by Kailey Jones Film Photography



all rights reserved


Forget the Hate Oklahoma

Forget the Hate is a melodic hardcore band based out of Oklahoma City, OK.

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Track Name: Outlive
My past is so full of failures.
But for every one negative, there are two more things to smile about.
Its just hard to see them sometimes,
Through the thick of it.
And It’s so easy to see a mistake
when you’re sick of making them.
This whole life is a trial, make errors.
And when life feels like a trial, push farther.
Even if it means nothing in the end it’s better to have tried.
And when you take your last breath,
you wont miss the goodbye
you wanted to say sooner.
I know you wanted to die,
But you kept growing.
So when life feels like a trial,
It’s a privilege granted to few.
And even when life truly is a trial,
You make the best of it.
Each experience is unique.
So far, you've been the only one to survive yours.
So when life seems like a trial,
Remember you outlived the worst.
Track Name: Pushing Forward
When life is hard to, hard to push through,
it's hard to remember a time when it was easy.
When your feet feel heavy,
It's hard to remember stepping with ease.
But I won't let it get the best of me, no.
Every day remains unique.
And though I wake with tired eyes, I'll still wake.
It's not always easy,
but pick up your heavy feet.
Open up your tired eyes,
and push forward.
A new day is something to look forward to.
Something may be just around the corner that makes the weight worth the while.
Find it in you to hang on just a little bit longer.
It's the valleys that allow us to see the peaks for what they really are.
It's the depths that leave us weak to remind us to find time to heal.
It's the valleys that allow us to see the peaks.
It's the depths that leave us weak to remind us to find time to heal.
Track Name: Our Difference
I cannot provide reasons why life is so unsettling.
When you're a kid, you don't even try to see just what's coming.
Would you have guessed, life gets rough?
Would you confess to giving up?
I hope you never did, it's not worth it in the end.
If we don't try to make a difference, how will things change?
And if we keep pushing everyone out, how will we change?
And if we stopped giving up we could have so much done by now.
It just takes a little faith in ourselves.
Have faith in yourself.
Not every mistake you make will come back to bite.
Not every punch you throw will end with losing the fight.
Not every trip will end with you laying facedown.
So Trust yourself, Love someone, Make a change right now.
I learned to stand on weakened legs.
I learned to walk from crooked steps.
I learned to stand on weakened legs.
I learned to walk from crooked steps.
Don't give up yet.
You can't walk away from life when things don't come easy.
Learn from pain,
make mistakes,
keep on growing.
Rowing upstream til the end of it.
Something waits just around the bend.
Track Name: World's Curse
People are meant to be loved,
and things are meant to be used.
Somewhere along the way we got the two confused,
and now we're used.
We live a life so confused and I don't think we'll ever get back to truth,
because we don't want to.
And I don't think we'll ever get back to the truth because it's easier not to.
Doesn't it hurt to let others define what's import to you?
Is it easier for you to leave the choice to someone else?
are you scared of making your own hell?
This is the way that we learn,
Sifting through the pain.
This is the way we learn.
I can barely stand to see someone suffering the world's curse.
A weight not meant to be made let alone placed on this earth.
You have to find what love means to you.
And not just what the world makes it.
Love each other.
We are all we have.
We are the only hope.
We are all we have.
You are the love I know.